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The NuCalm® Solution 

An Effective, Natural Alternative To Traditional Sedation

Dentists in the U.S., Canada, Europe, Russia, and Australia are currently benefiting from NuCalm. NuCalm is a clinical solution that safely and effectively neutralizes the stress response in the center of the brain and guides you to a state of deep relaxation.

How Does NuCalm® Work?

The first step to all-natural relaxation is blocking out light. Then, the NuCalm Essential Calming Cream and the cranial electrotherapy stimulation device work together to biochemically help your brain interrupt the adrenaline and cortisol release, by mimicking what naturally occurs in your brain right before you sleep. Last, the “music” – the neuroacoustic software delivers frequencies to your brain which take you down to Theta brain wavelength. It is only with the combination of these four (4) components, that one can reach deep relaxation, reliably and rapidly.


Benefits Of NuCalm® For The Patient

During a dental procedure, a patient using NuCalm will be:

  • Deeply relaxed within minutes − still and fully cooperative
  • Unaware of time and space − distracted from the procedure
  • Physically incapable of experiencing anxious behaviors
  • Responsive and cooperative − no cognitive impairment
  • Refreshed and alert post-treatment − no recovery time
  • Able to drive and return to normal activities immediately

NuCalm®. Inspired by meditation. Improved by neuroscience.

To learn more on how NuCalm® works, check out The Science section of the NuCalm website.