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About Clear Braces

Clear Braces Q&A

Many individuals love the idea of having straight teeth but are hesitant to wear wires and brackets in their mouth to get them. Located in Charlottesville, Virginia, Albemarle Dental Associates offers clear braces from ClearCorrect® and Invisalign® that are much more convenient and discreet than metal braces. Book your orthodontic consultation with the dental experts by calling the office or requesting one online today.

What are clear braces?

Clear braces offer a way for you to adjust the alignment of your teeth to improve oral functioning and enhance your smile’s appearance. They work by placing increasing amounts of pressure on your teeth, causing them to shift gradually. The treatment is entirely customized; the clear braces are made to fit your teeth. 

Albemarle Dental Associates offers ClearCorrect® clear braces and Invisalign® teeth aligners. After an in-depth appointment for measurements, impressions, and planning, they design your series of customized transparent aligners. You must wear them in order so they can move your teeth a little bit at a time and without too much discomfort. 

During your consultation, the team takes photos, impressions, and X-rays. They’re able to predict how your teeth will move and what your smile will look like after you use every aligner in the series.

What can clear braces do?

Many different types of misalignment can affect your teeth and cause you to dislike your smile. Some of them can even affect oral functioning by causing lisps or creating hard-to-brush areas that are prone to cavities. By giving you clear braces, the team at Albemarle Dental Associates can correct:

  • Overbite
  • Underbite
  • Crossbite
  • Open bite
  • Overjet
  • Wide gaps
  • Teeth crowding

Even if your form of malocclusion doesn’t leave you prone to tooth wear, poor bite function, or cavities, getting clear braces can give you a more ideal smile that complements the shape of your face and appears even, balanced, and symmetrical. 

How do clear braces compare with metal braces?

Clear braces offer a number of benefits compared with metal braces, which are the traditional orthodontic option. While every case is different, many orthodontic patients find that clear braces align better with their goals and preferences. Compared with metal braces, clear braces are:

  • Harder to see
  • More comfortable
  • Removable
  • Easier to keep clean

With clear braces like ClearCorrect or Invisalign, you don’t need to make so many dietary adjustments and sacrifices. Because you take them out to eat, you can enjoy all of your favorite foods and candies without fear of breaking your devices or getting food stuck in them. 

Since there is a possibility of staining, you should take them out to drink anything other than water. 

In addition, Albemarle Dental Associates is a SmileClubDirect partner. 

Clear braces from ClearCorrect can offer a more perfect smile after a few months or years of customized treatment. To schedule a clear braces consultation, call Albemarle Dental Associates or book one online today.